Beginnings in Aromatherapy

I ventured out today to a little workshop about Essential Oils for cleaning the home, not because I am particularly ready to start throwing out all the store bought products from the house but more because I really wanted to just confirm to myself that this is part of my journey. I’ve already signed up to the first part of an anatomy course with Penny … Continue reading Beginnings in Aromatherapy

First Class, Crafting and Me Time

It’s been a busy week.  I wouldn’t say I’m worn out, I’m definitely feeling tired but it’s a good kind of tired.  The kind where you know that life is about to turn a corner, everything is about to change and you’re standing on the edge, just waiting for the perfect time to throw yourself over.  I couldn’t be more excited. I’m now officially a … Continue reading First Class, Crafting and Me Time

To Get Up, You Have To Learn To Fall Down

My yoga practice has evolved this week, from me telling myself that poses like crow and tripod headstand we just not available to me.  I’d made all the excuses, my core isn’t strong enough, I have a lot of work to do on my balance.  Turns out they were excuses. This week I’ve achieved both poses but it has got me thinking about what was … Continue reading To Get Up, You Have To Learn To Fall Down

My First Dinner As A Yoga Teacher

I mean, I’ve eaten…. obviously. I was invited on my first dinner out with fellow yoga teachers.  It was so much fun, it’s the first time I’ve even been out and happy to talk “shop” all evening.  We discussed yoga in general, yoga as a business, how our practice has evolved.  It’s been really good, and really eye opening. One of the more difficult things … Continue reading My First Dinner As A Yoga Teacher