Harry Potter Loot Crate – September

It’s finally arrived!  There are some things in life I get over excited about, Harry Potter is one of the big ones and I couldn’t wait to open my goodies. The first thing I loved about it was the seal sticker, Muggle Worthy…. you have to have seen Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them to know that Newt Scamander carried a briefcase around with … Continue reading Harry Potter Loot Crate – September

IT & A Sign From The Universe

Finally, finally it was time to go and catch IT at the cinema. Kind of wish I’d waited a little, the cinema was packed to the rafters and while that’s a great thing for box office, watching a horror is difficult when everyone is laughing inappropriately, chatting or one of the more bizzare things I’ve seen recently…. snapchatting shots of the film… Never the less, … Continue reading IT & A Sign From The Universe

La La Land @ The Luna Cinema

Spent a wonderfully fun evening at Warwick Castle watching La La Land.  Luna Cinema offer a range of films at various outdoor venues across the country. We dropped really lucky with the weather, when we arrived it was raining heavily, my umbrella was broken and we were already looking a little drenched.  The lovely staff made sure we had a waterproof poncho each and we … Continue reading La La Land @ The Luna Cinema