Scarefest 2017

Second scare event of the year, Alton Towers Scarefest.  I’ve got big hopes for this years event, there’s a new maze and apparently improved versions of old mazes.  Time to catch a little breakfast before we begin (these are my favourite biscuits in the world!) Spent the day on coasters, surprisingly it was quiet on park and we were almost walking on everything which was … Continue reading Scarefest 2017

Fright Nights 2017

My favourite time of year has finally arrived, and there are scare events and mazes everywhere!  We were lucky enough this year to have managed to get down to Thorpe Park for their passholders preview. Arriving on park is always exciting, we have a whole day of coasters ahead of us until the frights begin later in the day, and already I’m enjoying the little … Continue reading Fright Nights 2017

Halloween Excitement Begins…

I love October, it is my favourite month of the year by a mile.  Why?  Scare Events.  Two simple words that strike joy and excitement into my heart. I confess I am a slight adrenaline junkie, I love nothing more than to totally immerse myself into a situation.  To feel that fear all the while knowing I’m perfectly safe, it’s a great way to get … Continue reading Halloween Excitement Begins…

Disney World – Animal Kingdom

The final Disney park for this visit was Animal Kingdom.  My favourite thing about this park is the Tree of Life, I could have walked around that thing for hours and still spot new animals on every lap. We started the day with breakfast in the Rainforest cafe, the french toast was incredible, I think it may have been the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten. … Continue reading Disney World – Animal Kingdom

Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Second day in Florida, time for Magic Kingdom.  The castle is really something you need to see in real life, pictures do not do this thing justice! In terms of rides, I would say this is the weaker park.  It’s the magical feeling here that makes it such a wonderful place to be.   The exception though, is The Haunted Mansion, which is just beautiful … Continue reading Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Disney World – Hollywood Studios

Years I’d been telling people, I’ll get to Florida…. one day.   This year, albeit only for a week, I finally made my journey to theme parks in another country.   I had an opportunity to get over to visit Disney World and Universal Studios, and an eight day tour of Florida was both amazing and exhausting! First on the agenda was Hollywood Studios, I … Continue reading Disney World – Hollywood Studios