Do We Just Like To Complain?

Becoming more aware of the Law of Attraction, I’ve suddenly realised something I do ALL THE TIME which is most likely hindering me in more ways than I care to admit.  I complain, about everything, to everyone.  I caught myself doing it recently and have decided to make a real effort to stop, the problem… everyone else is doing it too and if you suddenly … Continue reading Do We Just Like To Complain?

First Class, Crafting and Me Time

It’s been a busy week.  I wouldn’t say I’m worn out, I’m definitely feeling tired but it’s a good kind of tired.  The kind where you know that life is about to turn a corner, everything is about to change and you’re standing on the edge, just waiting for the perfect time to throw yourself over.  I couldn’t be more excited. I’m now officially a … Continue reading First Class, Crafting and Me Time

To Get Up, You Have To Learn To Fall Down

My yoga practice has evolved this week, from me telling myself that poses like crow and tripod headstand we just not available to me.  I’d made all the excuses, my core isn’t strong enough, I have a lot of work to do on my balance.  Turns out they were excuses. This week I’ve achieved both poses but it has got me thinking about what was … Continue reading To Get Up, You Have To Learn To Fall Down

Reality Checks & Spray Tans

Today was my weekly appointment with my Holistic Lifestyle Coach.  Now he’s finished changing my diet, sleeping habits and exercise regime, he’s tackling my biggest problem.  My working life. It was a slow realisation for me that I no longer just wanted to show up at an office at 9am and leave at 5pm, I wanted to do something that I loved.  So I followed … Continue reading Reality Checks & Spray Tans