My Journey So Far…..


Hello and welcome!  I’m so excited that you are here!

My name is Emma, I’m inviting you to walk along with me on my little journey.  Wherever you are on your spiritual path, experienced or just dipping toes into the water, we can all learn from each other and create a supportive environment.

I am a qualified yoga teacher, I love sharing yoga with my community.  You can check me out on my Facebook page EromaYoga.  I’ve got loads of plans for the future of my little business so watch this space!

My spiritual path is also still evolving every day.  I’ve become more and more interested in subjects like reiki, the law of attraction, Tarot and Oracle cards, crystals and aromatherapy to name but a few.  This blog is my personal space for learning and practicing these subjects alongside real life, to share, discover and make regular days that little bit more magical.

Other random little passions of mine, roller coasters, Disney, video games, cinema and film and comic books.

Plus crafting. you’ll find a link to my Etsy store at the top of the page.  Keep your eyes peeled for lots more goodies being added soon, I’ve got some special projects which have been in the making for a while nearly ready to release!

Love & Light

Emma xxx

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