5 Top Tips For Self Love

What have you done for yourself lately?

Creating a Self Love practice can be a little overwhelming, I noticed in my low points that it felt hopeless, no amount of self love was going to help me…. right?  Many of us may have been there, when it feels like a massive waste of time.  Like I said in my last post though, this can be life changing for the better, but you need to be fairly consistent and you need to give it time.

Nothing worth doing gets done overnight.

From my heart, the biggest tip I can give you is to start small.  If you write a list of 21 things to do and try and implement them all in one go, it’s not going to stick and then we get trapped back in that mindset of telling ourselves it will not work.

Take one small thing, and make a change in your daily routine to practice.  Everything in life is about practice, we never have to be perfect we just have to keep trying.  Once that little thing feels natural and good, take another step and another until you have a self love routine that not only works for you but feels really really GOOD for you.

I promised 5 tips, which I am about to give you from my own personal practice.  Take any that resonate with you, drop any that don’t, create your own, have fun.

Move Your Body

In any way that feels good for you.  Yoga, walking in nature, running or a few simple neck and shoulder stretches in a morning can have a huge impact on your day.


If you’ve never meditated before there are loads of great apps available to start you off with beautiful guided meditations.  Try a few, find a teacher, voice or theme you like and work with that.  I also like to weave meditation or at least mindfulness into hobbies I enjoy, really being present with what I am doing.  You could try an adult colouring book with some calming music on in the background.


Try keeping a journal of gratitude.  Before you go to sleep every night, think of 3 things that you are grateful for and write them down.  When things seem difficult, you can use them as a reminder to yourself that things are not as bad as they seem.  I also like to write morning affirmations or intentions for my day, outlining to my higher self how I want to feel and the things I want to manifest into my reality.

Limit Social Media

This.  I’m not suggesting immediately logging in to all your accounts and deleting your profiles, just set some healthy limits.  The issue here is that the things designed to make us all more connected can actually make us feel quite the opposite.  How many times do you scroll through, comparing your journey to everyone else and then end up feeling pretty bad about things?

Your journey is yours alone and should never be compared to the person sat next to you, or the status someone just posted.  Also remember that most people present a picture perfect reality on social media, which is good for them as they are choosing to focus on the good in their life but can make others feel like they’re just not getting something right.

Learn To Let Go

My personal practice is centred around this at the moment, letting go.  We hold on to so much from relationships that no longer make us happy, to bad memories or regrets from the past.  Clearing and removing these negative thoughts are important not only for our mental welfare but our physical too, holding on to bad energy in the body is never a good idea.

I have a little ritual I like to do when I’m working with letting go of something.  I find a quiet space where I won’t be disturbed for a while and I imagine that I’m holding onto a deflated balloon.  Breathe deeply, and with every out breath think about what it is you want to remove, keep breathing out deeply and start to fill the balloon with the problem or feeling (whatever it is).  When the balloon is full, tie a string around the end sealing everything inside and then release the balloon into the breeze watch it float away taking your issue away.  You’ve let it go.

What are your self love practices?  I’d love to hear from you!

Love & Light xxx



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