My Fairy Blush Calendar 2018

I know I’m not the only person with a serious addiction to note books, pads, journals, diaries… you name it, I’ve got them!  So, you know the utter disappointment when you find a beautiful looking book, that cover is calling to you and you pick it up in anticipation open the pages….. and they’re blank.  BLANK.

One of my favourites is the a bullet journal, I love that you can fill it with the pages that are relevant to you and it all ends up as unique as your beautiful soul.  The only drawback?  Constantly having to draw the pages!  Come on, we are busy people and we have a lot to do, so I set about starting a few pages which I could keep on my computer and just print out when needed.

I created my own background with ink pads and blending sponges

Background - Blog

Stamps are great for creating amazing images so I put a few of my favourites over the background.












Final objective was to layer over my own hand drawn calendar for 2018.

2018 Calendar Etsy Photo 1

I added a key to the bottom, and intentionally left it blank so I could add my own events

Want a copy?  It’s available over in my Etsy Store HERE, I’ve also dropped a 2019 version in there too, for those of you who like to get organised!

Love & Light xxx



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