Beginnings in Aromatherapy

I ventured out today to a little workshop about Essential Oils for cleaning the home, not because I am particularly ready to start throwing out all the store bought products from the house but more because I really wanted to just confirm to myself that this is part of my journey.

I’ve already signed up to the first part of an anatomy course with Penny Price Aromatherapy, but that is slow going as I’ve recently taken a couple of months off and also life keeps getting in my way!

So I took myself off to their Saturday Club, to rekindle the spark I had been missing.

It worked, I’m excited again about learning Aromatherapy, and I’m looking forward to ways I can incorporate it into my yoga practice and teaching.  I need to make the time for my course and make it happen.  I have a few other things on the back burner at the moment, so I am crazy lucky that they let you study from home and there are no set timescales for this course.

We learnt today about Household cleaning, little food for thought…. are we too clean?  Are we actually hindering our immune systems by trying so hard never to come into contact with bugs and viruses?

Years ago, Carbolic Soap would have been a household cleaning staple.  Not great for the skin but served its purpose.  The carbolic acid is an aqueous solution of phenol, which is capable of killing most bacteria.  Due to the structure of phenol, the body has to work harder to break it down, which stimulates our immune system.

The best essential oils, which are high in phenol are, Oregano, Red Thyme, Pimento, Cinnamon and Clove Bud.  None of these smell particularly amazing to me, for example Pimento Berry smells like I’ve just blown out a match….

For de-greasing you might want to stick to the realms of the citrus oils like Lemon, Lime, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit.  I do love Grapefruit.

To cleanse the air, the woody oils are some of the best, such as Juniper, Cypress, Black Spruce or Pine.  Black Spruce reminds me of when it’s damp out and you disturb moss…

As always though with essential oils, personal choice is key.  As most oils have some antiseptic and antibacterial properties, you can’t really go wrong.  Follow your nose…

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