Red Sparrow

Finally got someone to come along to the cinema to see this film with me.The trailer had not sold it to any of my F&F, so I had a little trouble convincing someone to tag along, seriously though the trailer was not doing this film justice!

A ballerina who’s career is deliberately brought to an end, is recruited by her uncle to be a Sparrow, and taught to use her sexuality to become a Russian spy.  She graduates and is sent out into the world to try and discover the name of a mole from the CIA.

There’s a beauty to this film that I don’t experience all that often, where I had absolutely no idea which way it was going…. is she working for the Russians, America…. what is she doing??  Possibly because I watch so many films, I often tend to pick up the subtle hints that give away the endings, but I was more than pleasantly surprised here.

Jennifer Lawrence gives a great performance as a spy who takes on everyone and everything, to free herself from the clutches of her uncle and the Russian Government, she plays a game and she wins.

What I actually took away from this film was a question.  What could you handle, what could you put yourself through to fight your way out of a seemingly impossible situation?  There’s that saying about you don’t know how strong you are until you are left with no choice… but do extreme circumstance trigger that fight in us?

Is there an inner power in all of us that remains entirely untapped?

Do we really require that provocation to become that person, or can we find and channel that inner strength here, now?

Love & Light xxx

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