Clent Hills

I’ve spent the day with one of my yoga friends, we’ve known each other a couple of years now going through our foundations course and then our teacher training together.  She’s one of the people I’ve been drawn to, and she is on her very own amazing spiritual path.

I originally asked her for a Reiki session, this turned into a walk over Clent Hills for grounding, dinner in the local Wetherspoons and then a Reiki session and chat.  I spent most of the day with her, and it was really lovely.  I enjoy hearing about other peoples paths, mine isn’t conventional so I love it when people talk to me and their’s isn’t either.

The walk was lovely, already planning another trip back and I need to look into visiting more National Trust places.  Getting out in nature definitely helps me get back to the path, back to my truth and I feel much better about everything that’s going on.

Mostly we chatted about signs from the Universe and just enjoying the ride.  We had to laugh as I told her I’d been seeing 11:11 a lot lately and we drive past a billboard a few minutes later…. what’s illuminated in front of our eyes? 11:11.  I swear, I need to do a bit more research into what this could mean for me….


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