Reuniting and Learning

A year ago I started a journey, a journey I had not planned on taking but suddenly found myself on, overwhelmed but passionate.  I knew all of a sudden that teaching yoga was what I wanted to do.  When I walked into that room and looked around me at all the other faces, my insecurities kicked in hard.  Despite feeling at that moment that I wasn’t good enough and that I would never make friends, I sat down smiled at the people around me and introduced myself when instructed.

Flash forward a year later and I’m sat around a table in a Chinese restaurant with all those same faces and we are smiling and laughing.  It’s the first time we’ve all been together without yoga pants, bare feet, sweat and crazy messy hair.  We’re all Yoga Teachers now, we took those steps together and it’s bonded us all in a way I never expected.  I looked around that table and felt nothing but the love we have for each other, everyone excited to hear about the others achievements since that last weekend we all took our places on the mats.

I’ve been feeling quite emotional since, it’s made me think about all those quotes you see on Pinterest about how a lot can change in a year.  Last year not only was I not a yoga teacher, but these people, people I now regard to be some of the most amazing people I am privileged to know, we mostly strangers to me.

So in my darker moments, when I feel as if nothing is moving forward, or that I’m stuck I will think back to this night.  To being sat around a table with my fellow yoga teachers, all of whom bring something special and beautiful to the group and I will remember.

Everything changes.

You will meet new people.

Some of those people will be awesome.

You don’t have to worry.

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