Flatliners (2017)

Today I learnt this is a remake… somehow during 1990 I completely missed the fact that this film staring Kevin Bacon of all people exsited… I really don’t know how.

So I’ve toddled off to the cinema to watch this with no real idea what it was about.  For those of you that have seen the original, I can not compare the two or make a judgement on which was better.  What I can tell you is that I really enjoyed it, there was a good amount of suspenseful moments and creepy moments.  The little girl….

I liked that it doesn’t rely too heavily on “jump scares”, it’s one of those where you want to scream at the screen IT’S BEHIND YOU, TURN AROUND!

Now I’m home I can’t stop thinking about it, in fact I’ve been thinking about it since I left, my whole drive home being consumed with the moral behind the science and scares.  So, you start off believing that it’s a science experiment, what happens to us after we die?  The trailer will have you believe that because of their meddling with near death experiences they get haunted.  It’s not the case.

We haunt ourselves.  Guilt and forgiveness are the major themes here and once they have had their minds expanded by the experience, their guilt is the thing that haunts them.  Is that not true of normal life?  Are some of our stresses down to things that we have done that we haven’t faced up to?  We may not think they are directly related, but does our mind store it all in some way?

It got me thinking as there’s a mindfulness technique we practice sometimes in yoga called Loving Kindness.  The theory is you send loving kindness to yourself, a friend or loved one, someone you have difficulties with, a stranger and the universe.  Reading that you’d imagine that the hardest one to do effectively is to send loving kindness to the person you have difficulties with, right?  Maybe for most that would be true.  For me, it’s sending it to myself where I hit a brick wall, hard, and end up with tears rolling down my face.

There’s a whole host of reasons this could be dating all the way back to my primary school days, but it’s an interesting concept to me now that maybe some forgiveness might be in order.  The line at the end of the film was the one that struck me the most…

It’s not enough to ask for forgiveness, we have to face up to what we have done and then forgive ourselves.

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