Harry Potter Loot Crate – September

It’s finally arrived!  There are some things in life I get over excited about, Harry Potter is one of the big ones and I couldn’t wait to open my goodies.

The first thing I loved about it was the seal sticker, Muggle Worthy…. you have to have seen Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them to know that Newt Scamander carried a briefcase around with him which can be “locked” so that all muggles can see are regular travelling items, rather than all the magical creatures he’s got tucked away in there.

The Loot Crate boxes can always be turned inside out to create an extra little something, this month you can make a suitcase of your own.  On opening the box, the first item is covering everything else so I literally removed it from the box without really looking at it first so I could get eyes on everything.

I’m so happy that there is another wand pen, we got one last month two and I love writing with it, there is a lot to be said for a weighty pen.  This month it is the one and only Harry Potter’s wand that’s made an appearance.  Now I face the dilemma of which pen to use…..

The 12 year old me adores these little erasers, I love stationary and when I was younger I collected erasers.  It was one of my holiday pleasures, to pick up the little souvenirs from the beach front shops, stamped with the name of the place I’d been.  The quirkier the better, so these are right up my street.

Another box, another Horcrux pin.  I know I said I wasn’t a huge fan of these, but there’s just something about this one that makes me want to find a use for it!

THIS!  I was in America a few months ago visiting Disney World and Universal.  The debate I had with myself in the shops as to whether I could afford to bring a Gryffindor scarf home was intense.  I’d had the same debate last year at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.  No more debating for me, winter will see me proudly supporting my house!

Then back to the item I had discarded to get to the rest of the box.  More stationary!  I love the Macusa theming, and it contained items I actually have real use for here.  The wallet is perfect for holding my yoga disclaimer forms,  the bookmarks will help me mark things in my yoga books for lesson planning and the sticky notes will help me to keep notes in said books without destroying them.  There’s also a list pad, and who doesn’t need a list pad?  Seriously

Thank you Loot Crate, you’ve made my September!  Can’t wait till the next box.

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