Do We Just Like To Complain?

Becoming more aware of the Law of Attraction, I’ve suddenly realised something I do ALL THE TIME which is most likely hindering me in more ways than I care to admit.  I complain, about everything, to everyone.  I caught myself doing it recently and have decided to make a real effort to stop, the problem… everyone else is doing it too and if you suddenly stop you face the QUESTIONS.

So, what I’ve noticed is, I complain about my situation, job, relationship status, you name it if someone asks or we get on the topic I have nothing positive to report.  Ok, learning step one…

Then I started to look around me.

I listen to people who complain about their partners, not trivial things either, things that make single people like myself seriously question whether a relationship is a good idea. Are they leaving their partners, no.  They’d rather complain about it.  I’ve even seen one so unhappy they’ve spent years detailing all the bits they wanted to leave behind, and even after meeting someone who was perfect for them, they still stay in the unhappy relationship.

We tell ourselves that it’s the right thing to do, kids, houses, money etc…. these things all tie us to other people, and we stay in relationships much longer than we know we should.  Is it because deep down, we just like to have something to complain about?

We don’t like our jobs, but we don’t quit them… we don’t even LOOK for another job.  We meet our friends in the pub and complain about how much we don’t like our jobs.  Then we gossip about other people, we’re not saying anything nice.  Should we live more by the quote “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?

The other problem you face which I have noticed is the most strange of all.  Just try it for a day, you’ll see what I mean.  If you choose not to be negative, to find the positive in all your situations, when you talk to other people they don’t accept it.

They want to know what happened, who you met, what’s changed.  You tell them you have just decided to be more positive, they still look for a reason, the force, the third party that has “made you happy”. I’m almost certain at least one person will declare you must have got some last night…

The more you realise that we are solely responsible for our own happiness, the more annoying that statement gets….

So are we just conditioned that way?  Is it modern life?  Is it passed down from generation to generation?  Is it making us happier?  Listen to the conversations that happen around you, see if you can spot what I’m talking about..

But I…. for now…. am going to stop complaining….

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