To Get Up, You Have To Learn To Fall Down

My yoga practice has evolved this week, from me telling myself that poses like crow and tripod headstand we just not available to me.  I’d made all the excuses, my core isn’t strong enough, I have a lot of work to do on my balance.  Turns out they were excuses.

This week I’ve achieved both poses but it has got me thinking about what was stopping me before.  It was fear.

I was so afraid of falling down that I wouldn’t allow myself to try and get up.  Since going for it, I’ve fallen down much more than I’ve been up and let me tell you, I’ve hit the ground with some almighty thuds!!  This time I’ve learnt just to keep getting back up and going again.

While sat in a coffee shop having lunch with a friend today, I was watching a couple of kids running circles around their parents.  They are crashing about aimlessly, banging into everything and laughing their little heads off.  When the parents intervene, it’s to “shout” at them, stop that you are going to hurt yourself.

I don’t doubt that statement is true, they probably will the way they are going but is that the point where we start to build our fear?  When we were young we thought nothing of throwing our bodies around, jumping on and off various pieces of furniture, dropping into a handstand at a seconds notice.  We walked to close to edges and we didn’t calculate if something was possible, we just did.

Then we got older and we tell ourselves no, we can’t do that, it’s not possible or sensible, I’ll hurt myself.

It’s those thought patterns that we need to break before any of these poses are possible. Actually, it’s those little demons that stop us achieving many things in life.  We impose our own life limiting beliefs, whether they were drummed into us as a child or we’ve picked them up along the way.

Let yourself believe, stop telling yourself you can’t.  Break down the mental barriers that hold you back, be childlike and have fun.  Try things and fall down, be prepared for the bruises and the laughter, the tears and the shock of hitting the ground.

After all, how many of the best things in life happen to us while we are stuck in a safe zone?   Achievement can only be gained by a certain amount of trial and error.

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