Limehouse Golem & Yin

So The Limehouse Golem was kind of brilliant.  I love a good murder mystery, I did work out that the woman was the killer way, way too early though which ruined it a little and when the big reveal happened it didn’t have the intended shock factor.

I blame Game of Thrones for this, we’ve spent years over analysing every sentence, word and even glance in that show that I think I’ve programmed my brain to pick these things up automatically.  She gives the game away quite early on by saying something about having their names carved in stone….

I loved the Jack The Ripper style settings and the story line is engaging, entertaining and most importantly fun.

Then it was off to Yoga for the afternoon.  Everyone has a favourite yoga teacher and mine is my yin teacher.  She’s got such a soothing voice and manner that I have no choice in relaxing.  We had a lovely hip opening class, which ended with a nice long relaxation (which I do not remember….).  Nice round out to the weekend.

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