My First Dinner As A Yoga Teacher

I mean, I’ve eaten…. obviously.

I was invited on my first dinner out with fellow yoga teachers.  It was so much fun, it’s the first time I’ve even been out and happy to talk “shop” all evening.  We discussed yoga in general, yoga as a business, how our practice has evolved.  It’s been really good, and really eye opening.

One of the more difficult things when moving from student to teacher is pricing I’ve found, as a new teacher I don’t want to be seen as too expensive.  My friends have a different view though, that by charging too little you don’t do the profession any favours and you undermine your worth as a good teacher.

It’s a fine line, let me tell you!  I now believe though that I can charge with confidence as it was never the “general public” that worried me, it was more experienced teachers.  I always thought they’d think I was crazy as a newbie to charge £30 an hour for private one to one sessions.  It’s humbling to know they don’t think I’m crazy and that they believe that is the absolute minimum to start at.  As I’ve been told, that £30 is not just an hour of my time and they are completely right.  There’s the planning and lesson writing, not to mention travel to and from clients.

Between this and my Kick Starter program, I’m hopefully making the right steps forward now…

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