Pink Parcel – August Edition

My next Loot Crate should be arriving any day now… in the meantime we have the August Pink Parcel box to enjoy.

Kusmi Tea BB Detox Tea £6.90 for 10.  Another green tea, I really wish I could stomach a green tea.

Silvina’s Nature Raspberry & White Chocolate Crowns £2.60 for a matchbox.  I wanted to love these, the idea is really good.  Six calories a sweet, gluten free, basically sin free treats.  They’re just not that good, they’ve got a strange texture which you can’t chew and sticks to your teeth.  They also remind me of when you eat something cake like and it’s gone a bit stale.

Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polish £15.00.  Awesome colour, and the gel effect stuff is really good these days.  The lid confused me though, I spend about 30 seconds twisting it thinking it was broken before I realised it was one of those pull off versions…. it’s late, I should go to bed!

Sportfx Cool Don Primer and Recovery Gel £9.99.  I’m looking forward to trying this, my skin often has a red and flushed colouring due to my dry skin conditions and this primer has a green colour to it which should help to cover all that up.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Evoshave Handheld Razor £4.99.  When I first opened this I was confused, it looks a little strange.  After having a bit of a play with it I’m realising that it is totally perfect.  It’s a tiny little razor that fits inbetween your first two fingers and thumb, giving you more cotrol than traditional hand held razors.  Plus it fits in the handbag for those days when I have forgotten to epilate the armpits….. oops

Native Unearthed Deodorant Balm £6.99.  I’m going to play it safe with this one, and test it out on a day I’m not leaving the house.  I had some natural deodorant from Lush a few years back and within a few hours I could smell it wasn’t working.  I’m not making that mistake again!

Phizz Rehydration Vitamins & Minerals £4.99.  I’m going to keep these in my handbag, I have days when I feel completely dehydrated so it will be interesting to see if these little tablets make a difference.  FYI, they smell exactly like orange flavoured multivitamins that you used to have as a kid.

Vitamasques Fruit Slice Masks £3.99 for 8 slices.  These look great, and as I’m now in my mid 30’s taking care of the skin around my eyes is important so I’m looking forward to incorporating these into my facial routine.

Although the sweet treats in this box were slightly disappointing, it’s still been another great month for me and my Pink Parcel!

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