Teaching and Practice

Today I have taken my first student through a one to one assessment.  I really enjoyed it as it’s a huge learning curve for me.  Throughout my teacher training, almost all of my practice was teaching fellow trainees, so it’s very easy to forget that not everyone in the world is as strong nor flexible as a yoga teacher trainee…

So I had to quickly call upon everything I’ve learnt and read over the last couple of years in order to figure out the adjustments needed and the props we will require going forward.  I’m excited to teach her, she needs confidence to go into yoga classes and not be worried about if she’s doing yoga properly, or watching what everyone else is doing. I’m going to help her get there and I can’t wait.

In my own practice, I accidentally made progress in my tripod headstand.  I was out in the garden running through a practice I’ve written to try and help me get into a crow pose.  Towards the end I thought, I’ll just have a little go at my headstand.  While I was there I was mulling over the advice I’d been given previously to get further.  I engaged my core and then just went for it.  The picture is from about six months ago during my training, I didn’t manage to get one this time as I was alone and not prepared!

My knees only came away from my elbows about a foot and I only stayed there for a couple of seconds before the inevitable tumble, but I did it… I made progress.  It’s the one thing about yoga that I love, there’s always somewhere to go, something new learn.  A millimeter is a mile and we are always a student of yoga.

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