La La Land @ The Luna Cinema

Spent a wonderfully fun evening at Warwick Castle watching La La Land.  Luna Cinema offer a range of films at various outdoor venues across the country.

We dropped really lucky with the weather, when we arrived it was raining heavily, my umbrella was broken and we were already looking a little drenched.  The lovely staff made sure we had a waterproof poncho each and we all settled down in the rain.  Ten minutes later the rain moved on to reveal a beautiful starry sky and a pleasant evening after all.

I really enjoy La La Land, even if I do spend a week trying to understand what it’s trying to tell me after each viewing.  I can’t quite make my mind up about whether the ending is happy or sad.  If they’d stayed together, only she achieves her dream and he is just along for the ride, but they are together so is he happy?

Do we have to make big sacrifices in order to have what we really want?  And can we be happy without the things we once believed made us so?

This film really gets in my head, from the story to the soundtrack (which I must purchase soon).  I don’t know if it makes me more determined, or just a little bit sad.  I have to put all this aside if I’m going to keep motivated on my Law of Attraction journey though because this is definitely a film that makes me doubt and question everything!  Maybe I should save this one for when I feel more confident.

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