Is It Sensible To Spend 9 Hours At The Cinema?

Probably not.

Some days, however, it is necessary.  We have somehow managed to pack the last couple of weeks that full that we’d seen nothing new at the cinema.  Triple bill was the only way forward.

I started my day like all good days start, I got on my yoga mat.  Strangely today I had my very first class in which I wasn’t keen on the teacher.  There was nothing wrong with him at all, I just didn’t gel with him and I need to feel a connection to my teacher in order to really get the most from my class.  It’s the kind of teacher I want to be for others, to help people feel comfortable and safe on their mats and for them to enjoy being in class.

Anyway, skip ahead a few hours to the cinema.  First up was American Made.

I didn’t have any knowledge of the true events that this was based on, and I am glad about that.  It was a very interesting watch, Barry Seal starts out running flights to take surveillance photos with evolves into delivering guns on behalf of the American government.  On the side he gets involved with the Columbian drug trade, running drugs back to america for bags literally full of cash.  I was torn between feelings that the government should have done more to protect him and that if he’d been less greedy he might have been safer.  I suppose the problem there was that he was stuck between two parties that don’t like to take no for an answer.  Tom Cruise is his usual impressive self, I’m sure he’s getting better and better with age.

Next up was Rough Night.  I’d been looking forward to this because the trailers made me chuckle.  Another huge disappointment in the comedy stakes.  I get that they need to make the trailer funny in order to get people to go and see the film, but please please please someone tell them to stop putting the ONLY FUNNY BITS of the entire movie into the three minute clip I’ve seen twenty nine times.  By the time I’ve seen the film not only are the funny bits no longer funny, but it makes the rest of the film an effort to watch.

Actually I’m being kind of harsh here, as there were a couple of funny parts, but they were the guys scenes, they should have been in it so much more.

Last up was my future husband in Logan Lucky.  Two brothers pull off a heist during the biggest Nascar race of the year, and it’s fun to watch.  I was completely engaged with the characters and I wanted them to pull this off, and I have a lot of love for a film that is clever.  A little like Now You See Me a few years back, I love a story that is intricate and that you believe is going one way and then you get that little montage of extra information that shows the depth of the plan.

I enjoyed my day at the cinema, I ate too much sugar and broke my caffeine rule (don’t tell my therapist!!).  The length of time spent there was only a problem because the seats hurt after two hours, so half way through the third film I was shifting in my seat so much I think the guy at the end of our row wanted to punch me.  Totally worth it.


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