Competitions & Pink Skies

Friday’s at work are the longest day of the week by far, you’d have your work cut out to convince me that they don’t sneak a couple of extra hours in there somewhere!

My friend got in touch today after a bout of silence lasting over a week.  He seemed a little more eager to talk today, but not overly.  There’s a huge sense of him holding something back, I just can’t figure out what it is.  I’m going to try a little energy clearing work, see if that helps any over the coming weeks.  I am grateful that he’s been in touch though.

Exciting news today, I won a little competition.  It’s called a Treeroots notebook, and I have to say it looks awesome!  I’ve tried planner after planner, and even tried to cut and paste my own into diaries etc but it’s never been quite right.

Check the Facebook page out here!

It does seem as though they’ve collected everything I need and love about a planner and designed this!  I’m so excited about receiving mine and I’ll definitely give it a proper review once I have it.  It’s a kickstarter campaign so I’m going to have to wait a little while for delivery but hey… what’s a couple of weeks between friends?

I highly suggest if you love a good planner that you check out and like their Facebook page, oh and while you’re over there you can always give mine a like too if you’re feeling generous!

Mundane To Magical


Then there was the sky while I was driving home, it was a beautiful pink.  Tried to capture it on my phone, but as you can see the camera has made it look dark and orange, beautiful all the same.

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