Halloween Excitement Begins…

I love October, it is my favourite month of the year by a mile.  Why?  Scare Events.  Two simple words that strike joy and excitement into my heart.

I confess I am a slight adrenaline junkie, I love nothing more than to totally immerse myself into a situation.  To feel that fear all the while knowing I’m perfectly safe, it’s a great way to get some real dopamine released into the brain.  So when my friend messaged me to say we’ve gotten tickets to the Merlin Pass Holder Preview Event at Thorpe Park, I wanted to get up and do a little happy dance.

This year’s line up at Thorpe is still a little vague, just that we can expect a darker Fright Nights than ever before.  I’m looking forward to getting the line up.  All apart from Saw Alive, that’s the worst attraction there and it returns every year without fail.  It’s the same route and same scares year after year, which is difficult for even the most invested of us to react to.

Still, so exited!

Now we just need Alton Towers to follow suit and announce a similar event, or bring back the Freedom Pass… either way Alton….


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