Reality Checks & Spray Tans

Today was my weekly appointment with my Holistic Lifestyle Coach.  Now he’s finished changing my diet, sleeping habits and exercise regime, he’s tackling my biggest problem.  My working life.

It was a slow realisation for me that I no longer just wanted to show up at an office at 9am and leave at 5pm, I wanted to do something that I loved.  So I followed my heart and trained to become a Yoga Teacher.  Training is only the first step though, now I have to build a business and more importantly, get some people to teach!

It’s the part of a YTT that they don’t really teach you, what do you do when you are qualified?  How do you set up and advertise classes?  Social Media?  Websites?  Emails?  You name it, they’ve skipped it all.

It’s ok though. I learn quickly and have a lot of resources which include my coach.  Who doesn’t sugar coat a single thing.  The challenge this week is just to get clients, so I’m focusing on getting at least one 1:1 client and the venue for my first class.

Sounds easy, right?  I’m determined that this is going to happen, soon.  I’ve contacted some venues and put word out over Facebook already.  One foot in front of the other….

I ended the day by getting a spray tan, my sister is a beautician and needed to run through the process in preparation for a client later this week.  I’m so naturally pale I have to be so careful I don’t end up looking like an Oompa Loompa!  She’s very good though and I trust her, so I get to spend the next week or so as a bronzed goddess.


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