Law of Attraction – Let’s Begin

I’ve worked with the Law of Attraction, or I should say I have consciously worked with the Law of Attraction for a while. I have had a lot of success with small things, so I started thinking and dreaming bigger.To have a massive dream realised I understand that life as I currently know it must change, after all, if everything stays the same how can you expect anything different?

That being said, the last few months have been so difficult. My limits and tolerance levels have been pushed harder than ever. I’ve not broken, but I’ve come close a couple of times. I’m working on keeping positive and on the belief that it’s just the universe clearing away what no longer serves me and is holding me back from the things I’m working towards.

So, I thought I’d share my vision for the future, and then I’m going to release control to the universe and let it unfold. I’m sticking with the affirmations and gratitude, meditations and visualisations, but my biggest lesson recently is to let go of, how, why and time frames. This will be the last time I write any of these as though they haven’t already manifested, I’ll just share the journey and the results. Here goes….

My Best Friend – A few months ago my best friend became cold and distant. Overnight we went from sharing every detail with each other to him treating me like a complete stranger. I understand there may be factors I am unaware of, but there was a time when he would have talked to me about anything. I don’t understand what happened and honestly, it hurts. I tried to walk away and move on, but I miss him every day. I want our friendship back.

Florida 2020 – We’ve decided to go away to Florida for three weeks for my sisters 30th Birthday. I want a great deal and also £6,000 to cover all the expenses.

Yoga Classes – Now I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher, I want to attract a nice venue for my first regular class and at least one 1-2-1 client to start me off. I also would like to exchange my full time office job for a part time one, to give me more time to teach.

Cross Stitch – I am tackling a mammoth project, I would like to see it finished (see photo!) This means I need to find more “me” time.

De-Clutter – I need to give everything a proper place. I have too much stuff. I want a nice little yoga space. Somewhere I can create a proper daily practice.

My Yoga Practice – I’m going to nail the Crow Pose.

Money – I want a clear £10,000 in my savings account. I want to earn an extra £2,000 a year on top of what I already earn.

My Etsy Store – I need to put much more work into the shop, but I’m looking for my first sale.

Theme Parks – I want to visit one I’ve never been to. Europa Park is top of that list. I also want to go on another lift hill walk.

My Soulmate – It would be nice now to meet someone I really connect with. I really dislike internet dating, and with all the “affairs” etc taking place in the world, is it really so absurd to want to run into my Soulmate naturally?

Aromatherapy – I’ve started my Aromatherapy course, I want to pass Module 1.

Connect more with friends and family – speaks for itself really. I’d also like some new friends eventually.

Skin Conditions – I’m sick of bad skin, psoriasis, spots, ingrown hairs.

Harry Potter Studios – I want to go back.

Kindle Fire – 10 inch with plenty of memory…. Please

Reading – I want to read more, first up Game of Thrones….

Diet – I need to learn to bake in order to stick to this Gluten & Dairy Free diet, it’s harder than I thought it would be!

Nintendo Switch – I’m going to have to be in possession of one of these before they release the Pokemon game to it next year.

Wicca – I consider myself Wiccan in belief, but have far to go and much to learn. I’ve started an online course on the subject just for a little background notes. I’d also like a little permanent Altar space.

Games – I have far too many games I’ve started and then neglected to complete. First one up is Dead Island.

Lush Spa – I want to go back, I loved it there.

Seems like a lot I know, but we have to believe in abundance.  I’ll keep things updated with regular posts on what I’m up to and how things are going.  Like I said earlier though, I’m releasing the “need” and any desperation on my part.

Universe, I trust in you to bring me everything I ask for.  This or something better.

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