Loot Crate – Wizarding Crate July

My first Harry Potter Loot Crate arrived, and after being with My Geek Box for quite some time I have to say I am really glad I made the switch!

 Defence Against The Dark Arts.

This is the first theme for the bi monthly subscription box.  I am a huge, huge fan of Harry Potter and this was like Christmas for me when it arrived.  So what do you get?

Counter Curse T Shirt – Loot Crate exclusive.  I had a lot of T Shirts from subscription boxes in the past, and they were cheap material, not overly exciting but I adore this one. It feels great, fits really well and does feel like something you could pick up at Harry Potter Studios, or even over at Universal Orlando.

Professor Snape’s Premium Wand Pen.  I got really over excited about this, it’s a really good weighty pen.  I’ve checked it out too and it’s really easy to replace the ink, so it’s not useless once it’s run out the first time.  Which is also good because the ink in there at the moment isn’t great (but I am fussy about pens).

Guardians of Hogwarts Bookends.  Again, awesome item, my first thought was to clear some space on the bookshelves so I can have them guard my Harry Potter collection.

Defence Against The Dark Arts Journal.  Lovely little notebook, and just the right size to pop in your bag.  It’d going to come in really handy for some things I have planned over the next couple of weeks.  The pages are ruled and plain, which I always find a little disappointing but the cover has a nice feel to it and there’s a brilliant bit of detail just inside the front cover…

Marvolo’s Ring Enamel Pin.  I think this is my least favourite item, but I know a couple of people who would love it, so it may end up being gifted to someone who will get better use of it than I will.

The box as I believe is standard for Loot Crate turns inside out, this one has a cut out Patronus which you shine a light through for effect.  I tried to get a decent shot of it in action, but until I invest in a proper camera and lighting it’s never going to work!

I love it, I can’t wait for the next one.  I’m a total sucker for these subscription boxes and there are loads out there I’d love to try out, from yoga themed boxes to one I’ve spotted recently called Hunt A Killer.  If I had the money (and the space) I’d try them all!

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