How Game of Thrones Ends – Our Theory

In our house an episode of Game of Thrones is closely followed by hours of my sister and I reading fan theories to each other, re-reading prophecies and conversation after conversation with our Mum about how we think this will all pan out.

Monday will bring the final episode of this season, and with only one more season to go not only are we left wondering what’s going to fill the HUGE GoT void afterwards, but what is going to happen.  We’ve landed on a few theories of our own which I will share with you.

Prophecies are the big talking point in our house.  We love them and we believe everything is going to come back to these.  We’ve already seen proof that they are not to be disregarded with Cersei’s children all meeting their ends following Maggy the Frog’s prophecy, leaving only her death by Valonqar to fulfill.

When this will happen, we don’t know, but we believe that we could see what is being dubbed “Cleganebowl” in the final episode of season 7 and possibly the death of Cersei at the hands of Jaime himself.  He is after all her “little brother”.   We also think that the theories surrounding Jaime being Azor Ahai are likely to be true, after reading about how his redemption story could be the metaphor for this prophecy, we are sold on him being the prince that was promised.

If not this episode, we still expect that Cersei will die sooner rather than later, and season 8 will follow the war with the Night King (we are also thinking that the Bran is the Night King theories will be true, otherwise his all seeing power is being weirdly underused!). It’s the prophecies surrounding the Mother of Dragons herself that we are most interested in.

We know she thinks she can’t have children, but what if that’s not true?  Only death can pay for life, we’ve just lost a dragon, and there is clearly something there between her and Jon Snow.  Could she bear Jon’s child, with him being a Targaryen himself?  If The Mountain stumbles during his battle with his brother, could this be the “when the mountains blow in the wind like leaves” part?  The sun rising in the west and setting in the east doesn’t have to be literal, we are working on this part and have a few ideas, but we are stretching slightly.  The seas running dry though, that could have been the Dothraki lands drying up…

The “three headed dragon” theory seemed to have taken a huge hit last week, but Daenerys will light three fires, life, death and love, mount three rides, bed, dread and love, and she will know three treasons, blood, gold and love.  I’ve seen a couple of theories that try and tie just three people to all of this, but this could involve any number of people.  Without going into all of them, we played with the idea of one of the treasons…

If Jaime does kill Cersei, will Tyrion betray Daenerys?  Where will his loyalty rest?  We also think that there’s a huge chance that Tyrion will die and be turned into a White Walker going on to ride Viserion.  Side note, once you ride a dragon, you can only ride that dragon, which gives a much better reason as to why Jon Snow didn’t just get on Drogon at the end of the last episode.  He is destined to ride Rhaegal surely?  The three headed dragon theory is very much still in play we think.

Don’t forget the Stark children are Wargs.  Could Jon be the key in controlling Viserion and turning the ice dragon back on the White Walkers?  Not before an epic battle in the sky with all three riders….. please….

Back to the baby talk, given that we believe that there are three dragons, Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion (so clearly going to be the third Targaryen) ALL their mothers died in childbirth.  Giving birth to a true dragon kills the birth mother.

We’ve been told in the past that the ending to GoT will be bittersweet, so this is our final theory.  The battle with the White Walkers will be won, and no matter who ends up being Azor Ahai, it will be an epic battle and we will most likely end up with very (very) few characters left.

We think the Iron Throne will be destroyed, or at least returned to Dragonstone, and survivors from the battle will return to their houses to rule in their own kingdoms. There will be no ruler of the seven kingdoms overall.  Breaking the wheel.

Daenerys will carry Jon Snows baby, she will die giving birth and this is when Drogo will be returned to her.  Their souls to live together forever.

We just wanted to leave this here.  Just in case, by any bizarre stretch of the imagination, we have gotten anything right!  After all, by Monday we could have a very different take……


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