Muladhara – The Root Chakra

root-2533091_960_720The chakra system might be one of my favourite subjects.  From the first day I learnt about them I felt like I wasn’t so much being given new information, but being reminded of something that I already knew deep down.

My root chakra has been challenged this week, I’ve had to reorganise my entire yoga practice to try and put it back in balance.

A place and people I often thought of as my home base, my sanctuary has been tainted. The biggest pain that came out of an unhappy situation, was that the person responsible didn’t come to me themselves.  It has shaken my foundations, and my roots have been forced from the earth.

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine near the pelvic floor, Mula means root and Adhara means support or base.  Our root chakra represents our feelings of security, safety and our feelings about money.  It is also our centre for feelings towards being grounded, our physical identity, survival instincts and basic needs such as food, water and sleep.

A balanced root chakra is needed for feeling supported and having a good foundation for life.  For having confidence with money, being observant, good judgement and being secure in yourself and your circumstances.

Signs that the root chakra is imbalanced could be things like, excessive negativity, cynicism, eating disorders, greed, insecurity, money worries, fear, being introverted or shy or finding it hard to inspire those around you.  Physical signs could be arthritis, constipation or issues with the feet, knees or hips.

I’m adopting a couple of affirmations to use over the next few days….



I am where I NEED to be

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