Step 3 – Gluten & Dairy Free

I’ve struggled with patches of psoriasis since I was a teenager.  As far as people with skin conditions go I think I got away with it lightly, I only suffer with it from the neck up and most of the serious damage is covered with hair.

Downsides… everyone can see said skin condition, especially if I’m feeling particularly stressed or anxious, I get really red angry flare ups which alert everyone to the fact I’m having a rubbish week.  The flakes in the hair build up to the point it pulls all the hair out and I end up moving the parting to cover the little bald patches.  Even so, it could be worse so I don’t complain…. too much.

I’ve spent years trying this cream and that cream and all the shampoos, ignoring doctors advice to just stick me on steroids and pretend that’s an actual answer to the problem.

I never ever thought that what I was eating was causing the majority of the flare ups.

Gluten free, that’s just for people with celiac disease, right?  Apparently not, gluten appears to be causing all sorts of issues in healthy people and we didn’t even know it. Worst of all, it’s in everything.  Nearly everything that isn’t meat or fresh fruit and veg seems to contain gluten.  Even the best of us can have an intolerance to gluten and one of the symptoms?  Aggravation of psoriasis!

I had to quit the dairy anyway as my intolerance for lactose has increased dramatically as I’ve gotten older, so under instruction from my therapist cut both of them out of my diet.

Within a week, my neck cleared up almost completely.  I was stunned.  My face is much better, and I think my scalp needs a bit of coconut oil, but there is remarkable improvements.  I can also tell when I have had a naughty day where I’ve let gluten sneak into my food, my face is a dead giveaway….

Looks like I have to learn the art of clean eating…..


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