My Etsy Store – Pink Princess Canvas

I love making these wall hangings, I get to really lose myself in the painting and the stenciling.  It’s great to have a passion and to have one that you can sit in front of the latest episode of Game of Thrones to enjoy then you are really onto a winner.

So, after I made my original pink canvas, plus the extra one specially for my wall, I thought I’d try out some different colour combinations.  I have a few blank one’s so why not?

I wasn’t sure at first how the darker pink would work with the black glitter, but I must admit I like it, I might like it better than the brighter pink version…


I really like painting the words on, these aren’t words that I can say to myself easily (something I will explore a little more in another post) , so it’s really nice to sit there and paint them all while silently affirming them to myself.  I still can’t look at mine, which I can see as I write this, without a little smile to myself.

Sometimes we need to practice a little kindness, especially to ourselves.

You can grab one for yourself here….

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