Disney World – Animal Kingdom

The final Disney park for this visit was Animal Kingdom.  My favourite thing about this park is the Tree of Life, I could have walked around that thing for hours and still spot new animals on every lap.

We started the day with breakfast in the Rainforest cafe, the french toast was incredible, I think it may have been the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten.

On to the rides, Expedition Everest is the stand out ride at this park.  I’ve talked about how much I love theming and this ride was perfect from the queue line to the actual ride theming, and the coaster layout is so much fun.  I was glad I didn’t do too much research on the rides before I went out there.

I wasn’t sure about the Dinosaur area of the park, it looks out of place to me.  The rest of the park is very jungle and has this wonderful nature feel, then you walk into this overly colourful in your face area.  Maybe it just needs toning down slightly?

Last thing on the agenda was to go and see the Lion King show, which is fabulous.  Brilliant to round the day off with a little sing song….. don’t even try and pretend you don’t know all the words… you’re probably singing to yourself now, aren’t you?!

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