Step 3 – Gluten & Dairy Free

I’ve struggled with patches of psoriasis since I was a teenager.  As far as people with skin conditions go I think I got away with it lightly, I only suffer with it from the neck up and most of the serious damage is covered with hair. Downsides… everyone can see said skin condition, especially if I’m feeling particularly stressed or anxious, I get really red … Continue reading Step 3 – Gluten & Dairy Free

Disney World – Animal Kingdom

The final Disney park for this visit was Animal Kingdom.  My favourite thing about this park is the Tree of Life, I could have walked around that thing for hours and still spot new animals on every lap. We started the day with breakfast in the Rainforest cafe, the french toast was incredible, I think it may have been the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten. … Continue reading Disney World – Animal Kingdom