Alien: Covenant

I need to get my opinions down now about this.  What the hell did I watch??

I can see what we are trying to do here, this film needed to bridge the huge cavern between Prometheus and Alien… but this?  Really?

The first ten minutes started off well, there was a lot of action and jump scares.  Then the whole thing decends into a Fassbender on Fassbender weird robot bromance…

In crazy reality, no one is going to ever attempt long haul space flight if we can’t muster a crew that don’t, firstly just “chance” the whole operation on a whim, and make more and more awful decisions.

I know, I’m on a planet I don’t know, let me stick my face in these weird pod things!

Suddenly throwing up blood for no good reason? Skip quarantine, let’s just roll around in it!

Honestly, I get that they are trying to get from A to B with this, but why does everything have to come back to being our fault?  Why is it always humans to blame? Wasn’t the whole franchise much scarier when we had no explanation as to where they came from?

Ok, I’m done…..

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