Step 2 – Filtering Water

Well, I cut back on the coffee, it’s not actually going that badly.  I expected huge migraines and lots of being generally fed up, but so far it’s good.  

I bought one of those little cafetières, just big enough for one cup and I make sure I really enjoy the coffee I do drink.  Now to work out which is my favourite flavour coffee!

So what else am I allowed to drink?  Fruit tea is ok, as long as it’s not caffeinated, but otherwise basically, water.  Not just normal water, filtered water…..  

I didn’t like the idea of buying bottles and bottles of water, so I looked into getting a reusable filter bottle.  I originally bought a bobble…. trust me on this, do not waste your money.  It’s great for the first two or three days, then becomes increasingly difficult to drink from until it is as good as impossible.  It now lives in the bin.

The replacement is the Brita Fill & Go, so far so good.  It’s a little leaky, but that could be down to me getting water literally everywhere whenever I fill it up.  

I kinda miss squash……

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