My Geek Box – May

I’ve been a subscriber to My Geek Box for well over a year now, but I think our relationship could be coming to an end…..

Before I get to that, let’s take a look at the May box.

Actually, the T shirt this time is pretty good.  For the last good few months, despite having to subscribe to your particular shape and size, the T Shirts have been shapeless and a little less quality than expected.  But I like this one, I’m a HUGE fan of Groot, and it’s a good fit too.

DC Aquaman Figure – I would have gotten more excited by this had we not had practically the same thing a few months back.  Still I might keep this one and sell the other one on or give it away, this one is better.

I love the Flash Gordon print, especially as we attended the Sci Fi Weekender in Wales last year and Brian Blessed was completely hilarious!

X-O Manowar Comic, can’t say I got over excited on this one, but I’ll give it a read at some point *gets thrown on the ever growing pile*.

The Vikings card holder, having just finished watching the series finally, I appreciated this, I just need to work out what I’m going to use it for as I already have a ton of these.  I guess though as they tend to fall apart relatively quickly, they’re not bad to keep as a back up.

Less impressed with the batman posters, it’s one of those things where you don’t know which posters out of a choice of about 20 you’ll get until you open the box.  Of all the posters I would have liked, I got two I wasn’t bothered about….

Now, while all this doesn’t seem so bad, let me explain why I’m cutting the cord with My Geek Box.  Firstly when I signed up all those months ago, the boxes used to be themed and you seemed to get better quality items.  It feels just a little “thrown together” these days and I find there’s less and less each month to get really excited about.

Secondly, I checked my account the other day to find I am missing boxes.  Probably should have noticed the months when the box was a no show, but honestly I’m so busy these days that I barely notice the weeks rushing by!  Wouldn’t be a huge problem, but there doesn’t seem to have been any communication regarding the missing boxes, and if you want that box refunded you have to chase them.  Not good customer service.

All things in consideration, I’m switching to Loot Crate as of next month, and not just any Loot Crate, I’ve gone for the Harry Potter themed ones.  Very excited about receiving my first box!



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