Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Second day in Florida, time for Magic Kingdom.  The castle is really something you need to see in real life, pictures do not do this thing justice!

In terms of rides, I would say this is the weaker park.  It’s the magical feeling here that makes it such a wonderful place to be.   The exception though, is The Haunted Mansion, which is just beautiful from start to finish.

The parade brought tears to my eyes, you see these things in pictures and on TV but nothing prepares you for being there as it all rolls past.  I’m going to state right now that the Malificent float is the most amazing thing in the world!

Dinner today was in Tony’s Restaurant, the place where Lady & The Tramp shared their first kiss.  Food as always was delicious, but still too much…. so much food equals the feeling of carrying a brick around in my stomach!

To top of a beautiful day… fireworks!  Watching them light up the sky above that castle…. worth every penny of this trip. 

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