Disney World – Epcot

I was the last of my friends and family to make the journey to Florida.  So I’d heard many a tale about the dos and dont’s over the years.  One thing that stick with me was everyone seemed to dislike Epcot.

It’s true that there’s a different atmosphere, it’s much calmer.  It has a very tranquil feeling around park.  We were lucky enough to be there for the flower festival too, which was beautiful!

Highlight of this park is Test Track, I was so unbelievably unsure when my friends were explaining what happens that I almost didn’t want to go on.  Its great, they said, you design a race car and then you race it….. hmmm.

Little did I know just how much they’d played this thing down!  I was still a bit apprehensive when playing with designing the car, changing the wheels and colour to suit.  Then you get in a car, and you physically test the car you made.  I honestly thought it would be a simulator.  Speed test is the best!

We had dinner in Mexico, possibly the best meal we had all holiday.  Refried beans are my new favourite thing.

The the light show on the evening, wasn’t the best viewing, but still good.  The sunset though….

Gorgeous ❤

I had an amazing day at Epcot, I think the calmness there was very welcome in the middle of a crazy busy week.  Just what we needed!

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