Stepping Away From My Caffeine Addiction

I love coffee, I have been known to have 6 cups before the end of a working day.

Last September I started on a journey to be a yoga teacher, I knew it would change me and my life but possibly underestimated the impact it would really have.

So, how did I end up in the office of a Holistic Rehabilitation Therapist?

It all started with a training day for our Anatomy & Pysiology exam.  The more you learn about the body and the way it should work, the more you look at your own body and start to question things that seemed perfectly normal before.  Couple that with frequent discussions about how general life stresses and emotions can present physically in the body and you really start to scrutinise.  

Our second A&P training session fell right in the middle of my suffering with an impinged nerve in my upper back.  I’d been to see my GP earlier that week, I came away with handfuls of Gabapentin and a feeling of just being humoured.  So I asked Jim on our training day if he could just have a quick look at me, just to see if the diagnosis was correct.  I don’t like taking medication unless absolutely necessary.  

He paid more attention to me in those few minutes than my GP did for my entire appointment.  After a quick look he concluded that the nerve wasn’t a huge problem and would probably be better after a good massage.  He was more concerned that my left should rounded forward, something the GP failed to notice.  

I arranged a proper consultation with him for the next week.  The most immediate issue he found was that my C1 vertebrae was tilted and could be the cause of continued issues with my thoracic spine and be contributing to my shoulder being out of alignment.  I went back to have that put right, I was sceptical I’ll be honest, but it turned out to be the weirdest experience.  After it clicked back into the right position, my whole body felt wrong, like all of a sudden I had one leg longer than the other! 

Going forward I could either hope that my body corrected itself properly, or hand the hard work over to Jim to figure out how to get my body in a position to effectively pursue my future.

One personal health overhaul plan later and my first challenge is coffee.  He quickly spotted that I’d taken on so much in my life that I was wearing myself out and fueling my body with coffee and sugar just to get through the day.  So I’ve been given a bedtime and a restriction on my caffeine intake, not all bad, I don’t have to give it up altogether! 

I believe I’m on this path for a reason, I think Jim was placed in my life because he can really help me.  I know where I want to be and he could be a driving force to get me there.

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