Pink Parcel – May 2017

I’m running so behind with these!  I’m going to catch up I promise!! Another amazing box of goodies this month, I’m so impressed with the quality you get each and every time.  Ok, let’s see what we have here…. Ace Tea Hot Ginger Green Tea, £4.99 for a carton of 15 tea bags.  I’ll be honest, I’m not going to try this…. I hate green … Continue reading Pink Parcel – May 2017

Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Second day in Florida, time for Magic Kingdom.  The castle is really something you need to see in real life, pictures do not do this thing justice! In terms of rides, I would say this is the weaker park.  It’s the magical feeling here that makes it such a wonderful place to be.   The exception though, is The Haunted Mansion, which is just beautiful … Continue reading Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

May contain spoilers…… I’m a bit of a Marvel Fangirl it has to be said.  So it’s not totally surprising that I loved this film, it’s not as good as the first but it does have a charm all of its own.  Clearly, Baby Groot steals the show. Taking a short break from the Infinity Stones to focus on Peter Quill’s origin story.  I’m not … Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2