Disney World – Hollywood Studios

Years I’d been telling people, I’ll get to Florida…. one day.   This year, albeit only for a week, I finally made my journey to theme parks in another country.   I had an opportunity to get over to visit Disney World and Universal Studios, and an eight day tour of Florida was both amazing and exhausting!

First on the agenda was Hollywood Studios, I think I spent the first two hours in total awe and disbelief that I was actually there… and then Storm Troopers marched past and I geek squealed into action.

When you are used to UK theme parks, the sheer scale and theming at a Disney park is overwhelming.  It’s a little life lesson into the things we are lacking here, even down to the fact that everything in a Disney park looks clean.

First call of the day was Rockin’ Roller Coaster which is possibly the best dark roller coaster I’ve ever ridden, but it wasn’t what stole the show at this park for me.  That title is safely held by this beauty….

The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror.  It’s simply beautiful from start to finish, the queue line is well themed and interesting, Disney have batching down to a fine art too.  The ride itself had me speechless, the visual effects are like nothing I’d ever seen before, so much so I had a huge grin on my face and my eyes were as wide as dinner plates as I tried to take in every last little detail.  The drop tower is so much fun, because the pre show is so dark and disorienting you have no idea when the drop will happen, nor indeed the sequence of drops you’ll end up with.

Toy Story Mania also ranks right up there with one of the best rides on park.  We had a little stalk of the area in which they are building the new Star Wars land, I’m having to plan another trip to Florida just because I need to get back for that, after seeing how good the theming is thetre, how could I not??  Then we went off to lunch in the Sci Fi Diner.

Doesn’t look like much from the outside, but inside you’re escorted to a little car of your own and it’s all set out like a drive in movie.  I can recommend the Reuben, however should point out at this stage that my body is not built for American portions of food! Was a huge rookie mistake to order a starter and a main!!

The Indiana Jones Stunt Show is a must see, and the Wishes Fireworks were stunning.  It was a day to remember and one I definitely need to repeat…. here’s to saving….

Oh, and I treated myself to a little something…..

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