Scarefest 2017

Second scare event of the year, Alton Towers Scarefest.  I’ve got big hopes for this years event, there’s a new maze and apparently improved versions of old mazes.  Time to catch a little breakfast before we begin (these are my favourite biscuits in the world!) Spent the day on coasters, surprisingly it was quiet on park and we were almost walking on everything which was … Continue reading Scarefest 2017

Fright Nights 2017

My favourite time of year has finally arrived, and there are scare events and mazes everywhere!  We were lucky enough this year to have managed to get down to Thorpe Park for their passholders preview. Arriving on park is always exciting, we have a whole day of coasters ahead of us until the frights begin later in the day, and already I’m enjoying the little … Continue reading Fright Nights 2017

My Version of a Homemade Face Scrub

As I have probably mentioned before, I have troublesome skin.  I’ve explored everything over the years and changing my diet was a huge step forward in clearing up the psoriasis on my face and neck. During all my research I decided that I’d like to have a go at making my own natural alternatives to skin care.   Couple that with the fact that my next … Continue reading My Version of a Homemade Face Scrub